Class Sequencing 
design safe & sensible yoga classes 
Access the tools and support to confidently create classes of your own!
course dates are flexible
As teachers we naturally crave opportunities to collaborate & learn from one another! 
Are you looking for ways to develop as an instructor?  
Have you completed your teacher training and ready to expand upon your foundation?
When you complete this course you will: 
When you complete Yoga Sequencing: Sensible Class Planning & Design you will:
  •  be able to identify the requirements of a safe sequence
  •  create safe & sensible class structure
  •  understand the basic anatomical considerations for all class planning
  •  apply knowledge to design a yoga class plan toward a 'peak' pose
  •  apply knowledge to design a yoga class plan focused on a part of the body
  •  apply knowledge to design a yoga class plan focused on a collective intention or theme
  •  Yoga Alliance credits upon completion - 15 CE in the area of Teaching Methodology
*you do not have to be a Yoga Alliance member to participate in the course
What can you expect from this sequencing course?
Resources to design your classes...       

I designed this course for teachers of any experience-level to develop and/or inspire yoga class sequencing. I will guide you through steps to create your own set of resources and then show you the steps to use those resources to design your classes. The materials I provide can be completed at your own pace. 
Make safe sequences & put them into practice...

Your materials are comprised of readings that both review necessary understandings for making safe sequences and teach you techniques to put it all into practice. Additionally, you'll receive a video demonstration in which I model how to apply the material into building a sequence of my own. The sequence I share is one you can take and use as well! 
Support and feedback...

My role is to support you - I am here for feedback and discussion throughout your work (Skype, email, Face Time, messenger). You are also invited to take part in a private Facebook group in which I post daily activities to help strengthen your sequencing skills. Participation is optional but there is a wealth of information within our group & an opportunity to collaborate.
Strategies for seamless & safe sequencing...

Once you complete the reading materials and tasks, you will use the information to create 3 class plans to use and keep as your own - I'm here to give you feedback and suggestions that can help make them better. The intention is to be working on something you would be doing anyway along with strategies to make your sequencing more seamless and safe. This is all meant to be done at your own pace. 
Flexible start dates...

This course can be started and completed on dates that you choose. The Yoga Alliance website for this course shows set dates. These are solely for enrollment windows and my time working with you is meant to be flexible and meet your needs. 
Other books & resources exist, why me & this program?
I've been writing ebooks of planned sequences in my ReadyToTeachYoga series and my intention in writing these was to help build teachers' confidence in order to open them up to creativity with a safe foundation. What I noticed was the desire of teachers to dig deeper into how to develop intelligent sequences. 

I've been leading workshops on this very topic for many years and adapted the materials to be presented in a format that is self-paced. That's how this course came to be. I want you to feel you've got a solid grasp on intelligently designing sequences instead of haphazardly putting pieces together to make sense of it all. I want you to have a format and a structure so you can be creative & unique in your teaching. 
I am confident that this course will provide you with tools that enhance your sequencing.
 I am committed to making this program meet your needs.

But if you're not thrilled with the program for any reason, just let me know via email (link below) within 
30 days after your purchase, and you will be instantly granted a full refund. 100%! 
No strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, no questions asked.
About Anga Vachon
Anga Vachon is an E-RYT instructor with a passion for yoga sequencing and crafting a quality student experience that is engaging and feels good for all. She has been teaching power vinyasa yoga since 2010. She has been involved in teacher trainings for many years and recognizes the experience required to developing safe yoga sequences as well as how much time and energy goes into each one. Her mission is to be a source for guidance in providing these sequences that yoga teachers can use as well as be a support for teachers in learning the rationale behind the art of sequencing. Along with publishing sequences, Anga provides trainings for yoga teachers in the areas of sequencing and teaching techniques.
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15 Yoga Alliance credits are issued at the end of an enrollment period and when:
1) learning is demonstrated practically through the yoga teacher's planning and teaching; and
2) understanding of safe sequencing is demonstrated through submission of 3 complete class plans that are appropriate for participant's use; and 
3) brief explanations that validate the arrangement of the poses and class structure accompany each class plan. 
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