Your Guide to Intelligent Yoga Sequences
10 steps to use as you plan your class
  • Easy to apply to any format or style of yoga                      -each step explained in a way that is relevant for all teachers
  • Ensure your classes are well-rounded & safe                     -your classes demonstrate your unique style but with integrity
  •  Process is simple & easy to remember                                -once you've applied these steps a few times, it will naturally become part of your planning
About Anga Vachon
Anga Vachon is an E-RYT instructor with a passion for yoga sequencing and crafting a quality student experience that is engaging and feels good for all. She has been teaching power vinyasa yoga since 2010. She has been involved in teacher trainings for many years and recognizes the experience required to develop safe yoga sequences as well as the best practices in teaching effectively. Her mission is to be a source for guidance in providing tools that yoga teachers can use as well as be a support for teachers in their earning. Along with publishing sequences, Anga provides trainings for yoga teachers in the areas of sequencing and teaching techniques.
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