Yoga class plans ready for you to use!
Access 12 step-by-step printable class sequences
Intelligently designed yoga classes you can teach with confidence!
Are you a yoga teacher who...
  •  Is looking for inspiration?
  •  Wants creative yet safe, well-rounded classes to teach so your energy can be directed toward growing as a confident teacher?
  •  Is beginning your teaching journey and craves structure that will provide a model as you develop your own sequences?
  •  Has moments when you just need more time to plan a class?
In the ReadyToTeachYoga series, you'll find a wide variety of intelligent sequencing to create 60 minute yoga classes that are safe and fun, so you can set your students up for success. 
I understand the challenges you may face whether you have years of experience or are newly started on your path of defining and refining your teaching. 
When I finished my teacher training program in 2010, I still needed support in order to sequence classes that were safe and fun to teach. I remember not feeling confident because I felt I didn't have a solid grasp on exactly what made a class flow, be sensible and balanced, and how the mechanics of the body played into all of it. I wanted a structure to follow so that I could teach my students safely. 

I also tried to balance teaching yoga 5 times a week with a full time career for years and recognize how little time is available some weeks and how much time it takes to develop a really good class plan.  

 After years of developing my own class sequencing, I committed to making this ebook and the others in this ReadyToTeachYoga series an available resource.   
Ready To Teach Yoga - Volume 1
 12 new class sequences 

"It really did help me save a lot of time preparing for the class..."
Thank you so much for sharing the ready to teach yoga class structure and your following up to know if it had been useful. I must say that it really did help me save a lot of time preparing for the class. My heart-felt thanks to you.
Peace and love, Thulsi 
"I am a brand new teacher and I love the breath directions..."
Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! I am a brand new teacher and I love the breath directions you have included with each asana. My head is already spinning a million miles an hour and this provides a breath of fresh air Again, thank you for your time and energy- your willingness to share.
  • Your printable book:
  •   12 new yoga sequences for you to teach
  •   every sequence is appropriate for vinyasa or power style yoga
  •   each class is designed for a 60 minute class
  •   varied sequences so you're not always teaching the same thing 
  •   all classes are anatomically safe and thoughtfully designed
  •   each sequence can be used for yoga students of all levels
  •   every class allows for modification and props with your discretion
                 About Anga Vachon
Anga Vachon is an E-RYT instructor with a passion for yoga sequencing and crafting a quality student experience that is engaging and feels good for all. She has been teaching power vinyasa yoga since 2010. 

Anga has been involved in teacher trainings for many years and recognizes the experience required to developing safe yoga sequences as well as how much time and energy goes into each one. Her mission is to be a source for guidance in providing these sequences that yoga teachers can use as well as be a support for teachers in learning the rationale behind the art of sequencing. 

Along with publishing sequences, Anga provides trainings for yoga teachers in the areas of sequencing and teaching techniques.
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