Yoga class plans ready for you to use!
Volume 4 - access to 12 new printable class sequences
Looking for new sequences to include in your teaching?
Here are a few of the peak postures featured in this
4th book in the ReadyToTeachYoga series -  
  • eagle pose -           garudasana
  • half-moon pose -           ardha chandrasana
  • firefly pose -           titibasana
  • sugarcane pose -            chapasana
  • & more!!!
  • As always, your printable ebook includes: 
  •  12 new yoga sequences for you to teach
  •   every sequence is appropriate for vinyasa or power style yoga
  •   each class is designed for a 60 minute class
  •   varied sequences so you're not always teaching the same thing
  •   all classes are anatomically safe and thoughtfully designed
  •   each sequence can be used for yoga students of all levels
  •   every class allows for modification and props with your discretion 
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